A world leader in luxury hotel and travel PR, we tailor an exceptionally personalised service for the very finest international brands. Masters of strategic storytelling and imaginative campaigns, with a global network of influencers and media at our fingertips, we take inspirational brands on a transformative journey to become true icons in their fields.


Providing exceptional consultancy requires an ever-evolving, innovative expertise that dares to explore beyond traditional boundaries. Highly respected in the world of print media, our skills span other channels, too, from online outlets and blogs to wide-reaching social-influencer campaigns. It’s a field in which we are hugely experienced.


We even have a dedicated social-media team who specialise in the luxury sector and know just how to generate the types of clicks, likes and follows to build an extraordinary travel brand. The Global Original team also excels at copywriting, helping clients develop a distinctive voice, stylish content and considered, relevant stories that demand a spotlight.


We are proud of our creativity, dedication, diligence & enthusiasm.

We deliver a service that can only be offered by experts truly immersed in the world of luxury travel.

We believe that the campaign we create are the starting point, not the endpoint.

Every member of the team has an huge passion for travel and a great knowledge of the luxury sector.

We embrace the importance of becoming an integral part of each client’s in-house team.