At Global Original, we understand that a proactive presence in the European marketplace can elevate the impact of a creative campaign from merely ordinary to truly exceptional. Educated sales strategies are underpinned by market analysis and advisory services, as well as comprehensive monthly reporting, considered business plans and carefully targeted sales calls to major players in the worlds of travel design, travel agencies and tour operators.


We work in a small and agile team to create immersive digital experiences. This helps us produce dedicated and unique solutions for our clients. Collaboration with our clients is a crucial part of producing the best possible solutions. Rapid prototyping, testing and iterating is part of our core foundation. Through strategic marketing campaigns and analyzing user engagement, we continue to make enhancements & provide support, helping our clients grow.


Getting the right answers begins with asking the right questions. While there is no pre-determined process for creativity, excellent work is born from a true understanding of where you are, where you’ve been and where you’re going. From comprehensive digital and brand assessments to market research, competitor analysis and analytical reports, our in-depth discovery process means no stone is unturned and every opportunity is explored.


We are proud of our creativity, dedication, diligence & enthusiasm.

Our service is bespoke, smart and highly flexible: should you need it, our team and partners are on hand.

If full-time representation is not required, we can still assist with taking on ad-hoc activities

We ensure presence at high-profile networking events, perfect for smart sponsorship opportunities.

We also produce carefully targeted email marketing campaigns and monthly e-newsletter updates.